Hi, I'm Janet. It's nice to meet you!

Growing up, my parent's idea of a vacation was hiking and outdoor activities. We spent a lot of time on trails around national parks. I took a 3 week trip visiting Southeast Asia and Japan and fell in love with traveling. I loved hanging out on the beaches in Singapore and taking in the culture with my friend in Tokyo.

After meeting Bryan, we've gone on numerous adventures. We have a long bucket list! to tackle!

What's up? I'm Bryan

My love for travel started when I was young. I remember taking family trips with close family friends to places like Sequoia National Park and the Hoover Dam, I still remember how I felt seeing General Sherman for the first time, the tree is ridiculously tall!

In my 20s, I took multiple solo backpack trips to Europe meeting new people and friends from home traveling at the same time as me. I've had the travel bug every since.

Who are the Pair of Travelers?

We were at the same bar when Bryan overheard Janet talking about her travels to SE Asia. After making introductions, we spent the evening sharing travel stories, it was love at first story! Long story, short, we got married and we've been traveling together ever since!

From early on in our relationship, we were traveling. We made weekend trips to some of our favorite places like Las Vegas and New Orleans. Bryan would take care of travel logistics and Janet would plan the activities, we made the perfect pair. We carry a deck of cards whenever we travel, it's a great way to pass the time and an amazing icebreaker. While playing a game of Big 2, Janet played a pair of aces and the idea for Pair of Travelers was born.

What is the Pair of Travelers?

When planning our first world tour, we scoured the internet and read every article there was about traveling the world. We found some amazing sites with lots of useful information that helped us plan and enjoy our adventure. However, many of them are focused on how to make travel your job or how to become a digital nomad and travel full time. These are amazing dreams and a combination of hard work, meticulous planning, and luck gave us an opportunity to be part of that world; but we also have other aspirations in life as a family, as professionals, as a pair. 

Our mission is to provide useful information to people like us, people who want awesome adventures while being able to maintain a "normal" life. We are both chasing our professional dreams while tackling our bucket list and we've laid out our strategy for our readers to grab their passports and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

While eating paella at a restaurant in Barcelona, we met a lovely couple from Slovenia that gave us some great insight. Our favorite thing they said was, "There's never been a time where traveling has been so easy. The only barrier is time, don't waste it.

How We Travel?

We have a very laid back but organized style of travel. When planning trips, we read up on basic travel information like cost of living, main attractions, popular destinations, and cuisine then come up with a general outline of how we plan to tackle the city. Our focus for traveling is immersing ourselves with the culture but also appreciate cool museums and exhibits (we nerded out at the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy).

You'll usually find us walking around with a cold beer in hand (Bryan loves beer and beer history), people watching, and basking in cultural bliss. 


Travels of the Pair of Travelers

While individually we've traveled to more countries than what's on the map, our goal is to experience what the world has to offer as a pair.

We will update this section as we discover new places and embark on more adventures!

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